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“Motivation and emotion are two sides of the same coin” – Conversation with Ross Buck (Ph.D.) at University of Connecticut

          While Buenos Aires boiled like soup in a caldron in the middle of summer, the campus of University of Connecticut was covered in snow. I had traveled to the United States because of my job, … Continue reading

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Circuits of empathy

Empathy seems to be the internal stage where others’ emotions are performed. We empathize with someone when we feel their pain, their sadness, happiness or enthusiasm. Each one of us knows the experience: our heart shrinks as we see a … Continue reading

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‘Bad Blood’ (mala sangre)

In a very traditional local way, my grandma would say: <<Don’t get your blood bad!>>. Well, I bet my grandma was not the only one; many other grandmas have said it… In fact, they keep doing it. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading

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The man with two brains?

When a new year begins, we spontaneously review the highlights of the year that has just ended. Well, here in this blog, the review didn’t happen in January… because I decided to enjoy holidays and take a little break. I … Continue reading

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Hope and Overcoming

While the warehouses of three ‘escolas de samba’ (samba schools) were in flames –on the first days of February last year, in Rio de Janeiro-, their members and fans were in tears. Their crying, however, was not enough to put … Continue reading

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Bullies to school

          Last week news got filled with headlines such as these: (articles linked) <<He was hit for being fat, then video uploaded in the web>> <<More school violence: now girl hit for being pretty>>           In these cases, school bullies … Continue reading

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“Acceptance is fundamental” – Conversation with Ludmila Marcote

They say that when you are already aged and look back, you can tell how worth your life is by the experiences you have had. That’s what we can take along with us. It’s about that which remains inside. Material … Continue reading

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Contemporary anxiety

          If we list our most frequent emotions, we will surely find anxiety in our top-ten. And I bet that many people have it falling under their top-5, though they might not be aware (due to how used we are … Continue reading

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“If you control expectations, you control emotions” – Conversation with Mr. Li Zhuming

Emotions are an essential aspect of management, for sure. Particularly in high level positions, such as the one held by Mr. Li Zhuming, who has performed as CEO of Huawei in Argentina for the last five years. Jim, as he … Continue reading

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Secret vote and private emotions

          The hot topic of August: primary election, of course. I mean, the result of it. The final count of the votes surprised even the ruling party itself, whose expectations were only getting 40% to consolidate towards the major election … Continue reading

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