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That swan named Natalie Portman…

          Good actors achieve awakening in their audience the same emotions that they know how to convey in the play. In that huge emotional lab called cinema, empathy connects us with the experiences of the character. However, some figures occasionally … Continue reading

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The Placebo and Nocebo effects

          When scientists perform studies that involve administering substances to patients, the latter are usually divided into groups, one of which is the ‘control group’. Instead of being provided the true chemical or medicine, this one is given a neutral … Continue reading

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“We want to build a machine that will be proud of us”

          That was the motto of the <<Thinking Machines Corporation>> which Daniel Hillis had co-founded in the ’80s decade. At that moment Hillis was carrying out his PhD thesis at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the area of massive … Continue reading

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Two in distress makes sorrow less

          We were four workmates sitting at the table of a coffee shop. Middle morning of a labor day, the place was full of people asking for their thermal cups and taking them away to drink their ‘latte’ and eat … Continue reading

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